Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, here is the most recent update.

Jason got a new job!!! YAY!!!! The only thing is, he will be out of town during or marathon. At first we were both thinking "well, we cant go..."

But then after quite of bit of thoughts and prayers, I have decided to continue with the marathon. I will be running without Jason. :-(

He will continue to train with me, and encourage me; however he will not be able to make it to San Antonio in November.

The training is not going great, but it is going. I will push myself for the next two months so we can get there and finish the race.

The donations are not great either. It feels a little weird asking for donations all over again. It is for such a great cause though, so please know that what you donate - big or small - THANK YOU, it is greatly appreciated. Everything we do, is for Denver.

Keep checking back, I will update more often...promise.

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