Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeps going...and going...and going...

First and formost...Take a looksie at our WEBSITE.
Well, we keep on going. Training is picking up and getting a little better. I must say that the weather has a lot to do with that! We ran last night, and the weather was sooooo very nice. It was such a change from a month ago!
Our fundraiser is going a little better too. We are getting there, but it is so discouraging sometimes, you know?
I keep thinking about the marathon and being there without Jason. If you read my post from the marathon LAST YEAR you will know that it was a very emotional experience. It is hard to imagine what it may be like without Jason there. Will it be a dud, will it be even more emotional since I am pushing myself to do this? I have no idea. But the more I think about it, the more I am happy that I have decided to continue to do this. I also did not want to let the team down. I have been appointed a co-captain for this marathon, and I feel honored for that. I would hate to let anyone down if I had decided to not be there. I knew all-in-all that the real reason I am doing this is for Denver...and there is no way in my life I could just give up that easily.
All-in-all, things are well. Things are going, and we are happy.
Please consider donating to The Children's Tumor Foundation. It is such an amazing cause you never know how far $1.00 can go. If everyone could donate $1, $5 or even just $10...THAT COULD GO SO FAR!! Thank about it! PLUS....its a tax deduction for 2008. You can't beat that!
I am also about to launch a Pampered Chef Fundraiser. A percentage of all sales will go to CTF, in Denver's name. SO, if you LOVE to cook, and LOVE Pampered Chef (who doesn't) check back in a couple of days!!!!!

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Nancy Hamilton said...

Katie Milburn! Im running the 1/2 marathon too in SA on November 16! I must find you! :) However, pray for me as I continue to train. I've had a muscle injury and its sooo hard to run but I will finish if I have to crawl over that line! Love you!