Thursday, September 6, 2007


Yes folks, that is right! I ran 3 MILES!!! YEAH! I can’t believe it. I did it all on my own too. Jason had a lot to do at home, so I was off to the park by myself. It was raining, (ok, it was sprinkling) and I was all by my lonesome, but I finished the task! I was quite proud of myself. I hurt like the dickens when it was all over, but I can say that I am now “officially” at the beginning of the training program with a week to spare! I am gonna be all over this marathon!

On another note, sweet Denver is having tubes put in his ears tomorrow. Wish us luck with that!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You are ahead of me!! Go Katy! I almost cried when I read your sweet comment on my post :) I love you too! I will pray for Den's tube surgery...Can't wait to see you!