Monday, July 9, 2007

Why I LOVE Colorado!

Going to Colorado every year has been one of my favorite trips of all times! Ive been to Hawaii, Mexico, The Dominican and yet Colorado still holds true. It is an amazing place and this trip was no different!
Why do I love it? I will tell you...
I love of course, the mountains! This shot being near the top of Pikes Peak. Over 14,000 feet high. After the bit of nausea and lack of air, it was truly breath taking (literally)
I love the air, the way it smells. Especially after an afternoon shower! It is so refreshing! I love being able to just sit and enjoy the day. You don't get bombarded with mosquitoes and humidity. I love the drive up the mountain. Although sometimes I feel like I am going to fall off, it is amazing to be surrounding by Gods beauty.
I love the little streams nestled inside the mountains. The ones that take you by surprise while driving and the ones that follow you up.
I love, and yes this may be strange but I love the trains. Ever since we have been going up there we make it a habit to walk to the railroads and see the train. For some reason, they are so much cooler in the mountains.
I love the ride down the mountain...on my bike. It is a huge rush...especially if I let go a little and fly they would say it up there "it is a sick ride"
One thing I can say...although I do not hate, but I certainly do not love...the sun. Somehow I seemed to forget how close we are and didn't find it necessary to wear sunscreen. After turning my legs the color of an apple and having 102.6 degree fever the next day...and seriously I felt like the radio active guy on the show HEROES (if you don't watch that show, shame on you).
I still continued to have a good time, but that one was a downer.
Most of all, I love the family time it brings. Denver did not join us one this trip but it was great for Jason and me to get away. We had a really great time with my parents and a great time driving together there and back! No worries though, I missed Denver like a mad woman, and do not have any plans to leave him again for a while!

Oh, and if you wish to see my entire album of pictures from my trip, simply click on any picture above!


Misty said...

Yay Katy's home! Missed you! glad you had a great trip. ouchie on your sunburn though!! i can't believe you were wearing flip flops up on top of pike's peak, that looked soooo cold up there! plus you did say it was like in the 40's i think. you make me want to visit Colorado, with your stories of little streams in the mountains and what-not! :O)

Anonymous said...

Love you and missed you and I still dream about our plans to move up there... :(

Anonymous said...

And here's why I LOVE Katy:
-She's my best friend
-She loves Colorado
-SHe loves the Lord
-She knows me (all too well)
-She still loves me (see above)
-She supports me, uplifts me, comforts me, cries with me, laughs with me and will kick my biscuit if I try to do something I shouldn't

I love you...see you tomorrow...don't ever leave me unless I move to Colorado w/you (florida was just an extended vacation :)