Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Night....

MY DAY…boy-o-boy….What a beginning.

Let’s start the day at 3:45 AM….Jason and I are sleeping like babies, as is Denver! When here, at 3:45 Jason’s cell phone begins to ring. Let me first say that his ringtone is Pat Green Wave on Wave and second it is at the highest volume it can go. OUCH!

After the initial shock of jumping out of bed because the ring scared me, I automatically panic when the phone rings in the middle of the night…who doesn’t?

After I figured out it was nothing emergent, I realized it was…some sort of prank call.

It was a girl, sounded like a teenager demanding to know who this was. Jason asked who she was and she would not tell him.

She continued to say that he had called her 3 days earlier and ordered to know who he was. He finally hung up on her after a couple of minutes.

A couple of seconds later she called back, saying the same things. Jason told her to quit calling and hung up again. Again, 30 seconds later she called…we did not answer only to see she called back right after….again and again and again. I answered it this time and she was caught by surprise. “Who is THIS” she said.

I said this is the WIFE of the guy you are calling, who is this?

“Well your husband called me, and I want to know who he is.” I told her she was an idiot, my husband did NOT call her and to stop calling….she cussed at me a little bit, argued with me…for about 10 seconds before I hung up on her. This went on for about 20 minutes. A guy, maybe a boyfriend…brother, friend who knows called a couple of times from I think 4 different phone numbers. He was a……...a jerk. He was cussing at us calling Jason names, leaving vulgar messages on his voicemail, just a bad bad man! They would NOT STOP. It was constant. One of the numbers they called from was a land line…from Burleson (it was a 447 #) I googled the number and got the address…..SO, I took it upon myself to call the cops.

I have NEVER called the cops on something like this before but I was so mad…and tired at that; I just wanted it to stop. It was about 4:30 by now and they would NOT stop calling. Number after Number.

Why didn’t you just turn off your phone you ask….? I don’t really know but I thoroughly enjoyed knowing these guys were going to get in trouble! The cops come by our house about 4:45 AM asked questions, we file a report and the callers called while they were there…several times. One of the cops (OH YEA he was Cute…and in uniform!) answered it. He told them he was a police officer and we were filing a report against them. I do not think that the callers believed him and started mouthing off to him. The “boyfriend” was also in the background yelling “profanities”.

The policeman asked them if they lived on Craig St…after a slight pause, she said no and continued to mouth off. The cop said stop calling…blah blah blah and hung up. They continued to call. We did not answer after this.

The cops left about 5 AM, and the calls continued about 5-7 minutes later, when they finally stopped. I do not know this but my guess is that they got a little surprise at home!!! YEAH! That’s fun!

SO, I am very tired today and I have a LOOOOOOONG day ahead of me. We are leaving after work for Winter Park driving through the night. Keep us in your prayers!

That’s it for me, I am signing off until I return from Colorado. I’ll be back Tuesday July 10th! See you then!


Misty said...

oh my gosh that is ridiculous. i hope that taught them to stop calling you!! have fun in colorado and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Crazy people!!! I will drive to Craig Street if I have to...no one messes with my Katy!!! Love u

Anonymous said...

Come home...Or fly me to Winterpark!!!

Kate said...

so funny! Good storytelling!