Monday, July 16, 2007


Yesterday at church was an eye-opening familiarity. It was a guest speaker and he talked about Honor. Children honor your parents; husbands honor your wives, ect, ect, ect. As a mother, I related more to this than ever. But he also put a little twist in it for singles, couples, teens, anyone.

One thing he spoke about was as parents, the way you honor your children. He told a story about a man who although he knew his family was NOT perfect; he was so thankful to have them and their influence in his life. He was so thankful that even though he heard them fighting and yelling at times, they always were at his little league games. Although his dad at one point had a problem with alcoholism, he cherished the fishing trips and camping trips he had with him. The man (the son) wrote a tribute to his parents for Christmas one year titled “Here’s to my imperfect family”.

He went on to thank them for all they did, their influence on him, their encouragement when he said he wanted to go into ministry and their lessons taught. – Makes you think that though you may not be perfect, as long as you follow God and set a good example things are going to be alright!

Another thing brought up by the speaker was a short stanza. This brought a close friend to my mind who may be struggling with something like this.

It read:

“I love you enough to tell you that I disagree with you, that I’m angry with you, or that I have to set limits with you. But I also love you enough to know that it doesn’t do you or me any good to run you into the ground, and harbor bitterness I my heart. More than anything, I’m concerned about honoring God with my attitude in our strained relationship. Even though I may have to set boundaries with you in the future, I forgive you, and I will pray that you will allow God to show you the healing I know He wants you to experience.”

That one can make anyone stop and think about who you are in relationships and if you truly honor those people. Do you truly treat them with respect. Do you respect yourself in the same aspect?

Think about it. Do you honor yourself, your family, loved ones, children, friends, and spouse? (in no particular order)Honor means putting value upon someone and showing respect for them WHETHER THEY DESERVE IT OR NOT!

Think about it, challenge yourself. Pay attention!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Loved this and def. needed to hear this right now!!! Love you!!!

Misty said...

i love you toooooo!!!