Thursday, July 19, 2007

What do I have to say tonight???

Not much to say actually. I felt like it has been forever since I posted last. A few pictures for your viewing pleasure! I have to brag on Denver at some point.
Denver is an animal...seriously. He is into anything and everything. He seems to think he can run and so we will chase after him and he will try to run and look back to see if we are coming only to find himself slamming into the wall. He's a pretty tough guy though and gets righy back up!It is amazing how fast they grow and how much they change in a weeks time. Denver is such a great little guy and I still look at him in amazement that he is here.

Denver likes ice cream...A LOT!!!
He also likes cookies!
He loves loves loves the pool. He will walk to the back door and bang on it until someone will take him swimming or can take his attention elsewhere.
He's cute!
This weekend starts the "Busy" wedding time for me...I think between a friend of Jasons that is getting married and my buddy Misty, I have something to do with weddings every weekend until September 8th. (Misty's wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Misty said...

Yay for pictures! I LOVE the one of Den in the pool!! He has the biggest blue eyes in some pictures too. What a cutie! I am sooo excited about busy wedding stuff! here a shower, there a shower everywhere a shower, shower...

I love you Katy and I can't wait to see you!!!