Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pure Bliss.

Have you ever had a moment where you just stop and think about how great things are? Even if it just for a moment of solitary bliss? The other day - Monday I believe…maybe Saturday…I really don’t know - -whatever day was that rainstorm. It was a good day. Everything was great. As I was sitting in the kitchen eating a snack while Denver was eating Dinner (ravioli and meatballs…LOVES them!) It started to rain. Actually it started to POUR! I love rain, I love thunder and I love storms! (as log as I’m home during them!) Denver was of course being the ANGEL that he is (for the current time) - eating and being super cute! I was having a ham and turkey sandwich and some bar-b-q chips (yes that was a snack) and it was like the best sandwich and chips EVER! Then I got up to go look outside. I opened the back door and just stood there and watched the rain. I watched and listened. It was at that very moment where I truthfully appreciated how grand everything seemed to be. The cooler breeze (ok, maybe like 85 degrees) was quite nice. The fresh smell of rain was pleasant and just seeing it for some reason brought light to my day. I thought to myself, ”life is good” I took a deep breathe to just catch a moment and sincerely recognize the value of what God has given me and how great my life is and how blessed I am to have everything I am able to have. Moments like that are so important! I certainly need moments like that from time to time to keep me humble…and sane.


Anonymous said...

I will tell you what is pure bliss---Your cupcakes!!!! Can't wait !!!! Love you!

Emily and Moody said...

did someone say cupcakes?? Can't wait to eat them--

liked your moment of contentment-- so often we curse the rain and you my friend welcome it:)