Monday, February 17, 2014


With everything you do, you have a strength and a weakness. Regardless of what it might be... I mean, in cleaning my home, my strength is vacuuming. I may even have an obsession about it. I like to vacuum...I like my floors to be clean so therefore I vacuum...A LOT. My weakness however is most definitely unloading the dishwasher. For some reason, I would rather wash an entire sink of dishes than unload the dishwasher....really.
In parenting {and I'm sure this is common across the board} my weakness is patience. I have to pray for patience on a daily basis. When you can't even close the bathroom door long enough to go potty without hearing "moooooooommmmmm, where are you?" - you have to have patience.
My strength in parenting would either be playing LEGOS or running my home on a budget... a little something I am proud of.
When it comes to being a triathlete {wow, I've never actually called myself that} My strength is the bike. I love riding my bike and I actually enjoy it. Although I have never gone much further than 25 miles on my bike at this point - I still have 8 months to get there. Hopefully this will benefit me in the end and the 112 miles in Florida will be smooth sailing.
My weakness? The swim. I've gone to the pool a couple of times to try and get ready for my training plan to start in April. My first time at the pool I was swimming with a high school swim team...they were zipping past me like a cheetah...seriously. Then the swim coach proceeded to tell me how WRONG I was swimming - my stroke was totally off and my lower body needed to be more level. I was at risk of tearing my rotator cuff. Great thing for my confidence, right? I may have gotten a little anxious too. The whole learning to breathe while swimming for an hour strait is a total learning process. NOW, add to the top of this cupcake swimming in the wide open ocean. With 3,000 other people, with arms flapping around you...getting punched in the face a time or two...and big waves pushing back...and it being THE OCEAN! 

I'll be completely honest...I barely go out in the ocean to play with my kids. It freaks me out a little. Actually, it freaks me out A LOT. It will be a downright new learning experience and a fear of mine that I will have to overcome. I have some amazing friends that have done IRONMAN before and are strong, seasoned swimmers. They are supporting me 100% and they, {along with my family} are my biggest cheerleaders!
With time and prayer....and a whole lot of practice I 100% plan on conquering that ocean swim!
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