Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today, I write from the heart. I write to tell you how big this passion of mine is. If any of you have something that you love...that you adore or that you would do absolutely anything for, you will know exactly where I am coming from.
My family. My family is my passion and for them, I would do anything. For them I would run into a burning building. For them, I would go into the eye of a hurricane.... and for them, I would run, and run and run as far as my little legs would take me. Knowing that Denver has NF is always in the back of my mind. Knowing that he has this disorder that one day he could wake up and have a tumor growing anywhere in his body is always there. We are truly grateful that Denver's case of NF is pretty low key and we have not had many problems with it, but there is always a fear in my head and in my heart that this unknown disorder could strike. And when I think of that...THAT is exactly where my passion comes from. I am certainly NOT a doctor or a researcher (well, other than google...)so in order for me to feel like I am doing my part in helping Denver...I run...and I throw a good party! In doing this fundraiser each year (or every other year...) I feel like I am least doing something. So, in a nutshell...that's why I do this. That is why in 2008, when I had not ran a mile since high school PE I got off my couch and I ran. With all of you, we raised over $8000 that year. That year I ran my first half marathon and I remember that feeling of support and prayer and love at mile 5 and mile 8 and mile 10..... And every year since. For some reason this year feels different to me. I have more passion this year, and I want to do SO MUCH. I can not do this alone! TEAM DENVER can not do this alone.... We need the support from all of you. Let me tell you... I honestly very, very strongly  dislike asking for help... (ask my husband he'll tell you I'm stubborn like that...) But for this, I just about beg.. Can you imagine if each person gave $1 or $5? It's not much, but it all adds up. So, in ending I ask that you donate to a very HUGE passion of mine and to a VERY important cause. The Children's Tumor Foundation is not only making huge strides to end NF, but your donation also goes towards clinical trials and spreading awareness. It really is good stuff. So thats it. Thats why I do this and thats where my passion comes from.
lots of love,

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