Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've kind of been ignoring this blog... not on purpose, really... just been busy.
1. I have been a busy bee planning the dinner and silent auction. It is in 2 weeks, and I'll tell ya... I will be so glad when it is over. It is really hard work to plan a big benefit dinner... work, keep house and keep up with 2 kiddos. Hard work, I say!
2. I have been a little busy watching the TEXAS RANGERS!!! (which I am doing now... sorry to say they are not currently winning...)
3. Busy running... NAH! I really need to get back on that boat... I kind of fell off for no real reasson at all.
4. Oh... I guess that is all that has been really keeping me lately.

I want to be sure EVERYONE knows they are invited to the Dinner and Silent Auction next Thursday. There are some seriously awesome items. We are having a great dinner and a great show will go on.

Please email me HERE if you would like to go and I will get you all the information needed. If you can't go but see an item over on the right that you may be interested in bidding on, email me your bid and I will be sure to bid for you.

As Always, check out TEAM DENVER!

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