Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll be brutally honest...

Running sucks. I hate it. I literally CAN. NOT. STAND. RUNNING.
The thought of lacing up my shoes, throwing the hair in a ponytail and wearing an ipod on my arm makes me cringe. Of course there is the perk of wearing a cut little running outfit, and the cute little headband thing that helps hold the ponytail in place... {right?}
But seriously, thats the extent of it. Jason and I have been training for about 3 weeks now, and I have managed only to run up to 4 miles, and have taken a week off. Now the thought of getting out to run is even more horrifying since I've been off for a week.
But you know what, it's tough tooties for me. I have a job to do. I have a commitment to uphold and a precious little boy to protect, love, and run my booty off for.
This isn't one of those things that I can just blow off. {like the 30 day shred I started 2 months ago...} It isn't something that I can just show up for and think that I'll accomplish it without a hitch. It takes work. It takes commitment and it takes a WHOLE LOT OF TRAINING. Without any of this, I could quite possibly end up face down in front of the Alamo come race day. {and thats only mile 3}

What's my point, you may ask? TEAM DENVER doesn't do this for fun. So far the 2010 team has 5 members - 4 that are family and 4 that I know for a fact that {seriously} are not runners - and never have been. We do it for this amazing, funny, sweet, compassionate, crazy, hyper, loving little boy...

Because he has this disease that no one can cure. No one can treat. No one can slow down the growth of tumors. No one can predict what it will do to any one person.

I do this for Denver. For my deep, crazy love for him. For my crazy strong passion to protect him. To make sure that he lives a loooooong, happy, pain free life. To make sure he can experience anything imaginable. {well, motherly approved of course}

I do it because. Just that.

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