Monday, November 3, 2008

2 weeks,

With only 2 weeks left till the big day, my nerves are getting a little rigid. My training is actually going well. I am hoping to be able to beat my last time of 3:08, but we will see. I think if I really put my mind to it, I will do it! While I was running the other night the thought of WHY I am doing this popped into my head. It was a little overwhelming, but it gave me a BURST of energy and I ran farther than I had during my training. It was great and I know that I will do that on marathon day. I can't wait!
On another note, my sister Karen has decided to run the 1/2 marathon with me! YAY!!! I am so very excited for this. She is full speed ahead with her training and she is doing great!
I am ONLY $190 AWAY from my goal. Can't SOMEONE HELP A SISTA OUT?!?!
I am so close but stuck in a rut, and can not get anyone to donate.
So, with just a couple of weeks left, I am planning on running...resting, praying...and concentrating on what needs to be done. If you have not looked at the website, please do.

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Kami said...

Yay for Katy and Karen! That is great that she is going to run with you!! I hope you don't mind, but I've linked your marathon blog to my blog....who knows, maybe it will get other's attention and help you meet your goal! I'll be praying for you both all the way to the finish line!!