Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Truth be told....

Let’s face it: What am I thinking? Right…? What rational person decides to get up off the couch and run a half-marathon—and not just any half-marathon, but the Rock ‘N Roll San Antonio Half-Marathon: 13.1 miles in the sub-tropical climate of south-central Texas. Heat…Humidity, what else could be worse? Without a doubt, running a half-marathon is one of the biggest challenges of my life. (even though it is my 2nd) Luckily, I am not doing this on my own. Joining with The Children’s Tumor Foundation is probably one of the most amazing things I have done. They are a part of my family now. More important than my physical commitment to the program, is my personal commitment to raise funds for the CTF and Neurofibromatosis in its effort to raise funds for research, and one day a cure for NF.
I have made a personal goal to raise $2500 towards this effort. As I run 13.1 miles, your 100% tax-deductible contribution will inspire me to run stronger and faster to the finish line. With over 100% of your donation going directly to CTF, you truly can make a difference.

If you know someone who has been affected by NF – or any sort of cancer for that matter; I would be honored to train and run on their behalf. Please include their name with your donation, and I will wear their name on my shirt as I run. I am running for my son, Denver and for those who have been affected by Neurofibromatosis.

Donations can easily be made online through my race website at:

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emily said...

I can second just how easily those donations can be made!! :) I'm glad that I screwed up.

Now run really fast, ok?