Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok ok ok. I am a slacker. I have not written…in a while, and I have been a slacker in my running. We have been so busy, it is so hard to fit runni - something I said I loved at one point but am now re-thinking that statement – into the already FULL schedule. I am still running though, every week just not as much as I should be. (shame on me!)

Jason on the other hand is doing awesome!

I have at last made a decision to run the half marathon. It will be a lot easier on my body and that is a HUGE relief. It changes my training schedule totally. I should only be running about 7 miles now…instead of running 8 miles 6 weeks ago when I started getting sick. THANK GOODNESS! 7 miles, no biggie…right?!? I still have anxious feelings for the race though. The excitement from the beginning and all of the motivation is just about worn off. I keep trying to get all “pumped up” again, but it is pretty hard; especially with the cold night and mornings and the holidays coming…and going. Jason is still going to do the full marathon and he will do great. He just recently ran a little over 13 miles in training, which means he has completed a half marathon! Go Jason!!!

Continue to keep us in your prayers as the big day gets closer!

Anyway, the marathon/half-marathon is in less than 2 months. WOW, it is getting so close. Our fundraising is going well. We are passed the half-way point! YAY! Thank you to everyone who has helped in one way or another! It means a lot.


JB said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! Run Forrest! Run!!!!
(for some motivation for you and J)

Elizabeth said...

Yea!! You will be running with me!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!

Roses said...

A half marathon isn't failure!! It takes more motivation than some people get in their entire life!!
Keep your resolve and go for it!!