Wednesday, October 24, 2007

...but it doesn't matter

I recently caved in and purchased a “marathoner” book. It is titled The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer” – Good stuff. Since Jason and I are already half-way through training, the first few chapters are a “review”. One thing that was mentioned; however seems to be a great and encouraging tool to use. It is called the “…but it doesn’t matter” method.
When training for a marathon, I have mentioned before that it is VERY time consuming. At times, you just DON’T want to run. The book says though when you start to feel these negative feelings to use this method.
When you think,
“Oh, I’m tired; I don’t want to run tonight.” Say,
“…but it doesn’t matter”
“Eh, it’s late…”
“…but it doesn’t matter”
“Oh…the weather is stinky..”
“…but it doesn’t matter”
Run, anyways. Train anyway. Stay committed.
Anytime you start to think negatively…just think
“…but it doesn’t matter”


Elizabeth said...

Very good advice!! I like that!!

Anonymous said...

How about some of my personal favs...

I'm tired..I woke up at 5:30
It doesn't matter

I have cramps..
Doesn't even matter

I can't keep up with my new marathoner friends
It doesn't even EVEN matter!

Elizabeth said...

Oh girl I cannot tell you how many times in the past day or two I have said this to myself!!

"freaking traffic, Why am I just sitting here!"- but it doesn't matter

"I am tired of running this week, I just want to sleep"- But it doesn't matter

"I don't want to get up and go to work" - IT DOESNT MATTER.

ha! I love it!