Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 8th mile

Here is a picture os me after the run looking out past downtown. The picture says 1,000 words. It was definately something that helped after the run!

We ran 8 miles!!! Yeah! I must say though, it was not easy. But it sure was satisfying. We ran the trinity trails in Ft Worth. It was pretty windy and going the first four against the wind hurt. Lately we have not been taking Denver with us because he gets a little cranky after about 3 miles. We asked my parents to watch him while we went to Ft Worth to run, and it was great!
We seem to be improving pretty well - but still it is hard. It is hard during, and especially after. I was hurting last night after the run. I felt sick, my body was sore...and many things that will remain un-mentioned.
I kept thinking while running, ok I've ran 4 miles, lets stop. OK, we are at 6 miles lets stop!
It would have been so easy to quit. So easy to stop running and walk the rest of the way. So easy to turn around at 2 miles and not run 8. When we got past 7, I was barely making it. I wanted to stop so bad....and possibly fib a little and say we did 8, in reality we only did 7.64 or something.....BUT NO WORRIES, we ran all the way to the finish! (except we did stop at a port-a-potty to tinkle.) I just kept thinking, if I quit now, I may not ever get going again. I would definitely not make it through the marathon. The way I felt last night makes me a little nervous about what the end of the race holds (in the body pain aspect) but it does feel great to say we conquered 8 miles - I can't imagine what it will feel like to say we finished a marathon!!


Elizabeth said...

Look at you!!! You guys are doing so awesome!! I am so proud of you!!!! Just wait for the deep tissue massage the day after the marathon!!!

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Ummm yeah, and that wind SUCKED!!! I ran my short run yesterday (4.5 miles) and it was brutal!!! But you never know what it will be like on race day, so you gotta be prepared!!

Anonymous said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! That's all I have to say to you my little runner! Ok so the wkend came and went and no Katy time...this is a red light emergency priority for some katy/jess time this week!!!!

Misty said...

Katy, you are doing so awesome! i am very proud of you and Jason!