Thursday, October 11, 2007

6 point 6 five

I laugh in the face of running! Jason and I have been running at Bartlett Park. I easily get border and since one lap around the park is only ¾ of a mile, it was tough to keep it up. We had to run 4 laps to get 3 miles in. It was a bit repetitive and got boring really fast. So…we have ventured out and now we are running the streets of Burleson. We started slowly running around the parents neighborhood, but we out-grew that quickly also. Last night we ran out biggest run yet. 6.65 miles!!! We started at the parents house, ran down to 731, through Deer Creek Estates…got a little lost…back up through Brown’s Mountain down Sierra Estates through Castle Hills and back to the parents. It was AWESOME! I could have kept going forever I think, it felt great and we knocked about 20 seconds off our per mile minute!! Yeah for us!!!

Thanks to everyone who keeps donating. We are up to a little over 2500.00 now! WOW!

That’s it for now!


Anonymous said...

Love y! See you manana! Good job on the mileage! I'm very proud of my little runner

Anonymous said...

Stacy asked me to run today.........yeah....I wimped out...I mean it is my bday. Maybe tomorrow....So Rendidtion or Gone Baby Gone this wkend??? Day?? TIme???

Charlot said...

Good post.