Thursday, September 2, 2010

here's the thing...

So, here's the thing... This dinner & silent auction that I am throwing... You know of it?
Well, I want it to be BIG. I mean, I want it to one day be one of those dinners that is at a fancy hotel and people pay like $1000 a table for... I am dead serious. I want this thing to be huge one day...
For now, I have to work up to that, but I need your help. I have no idea, HOW to make it big. HOW do I get companies involved? HOW do I get HUGE corporations involved?

I think I am fairly good at planning, fundraising...and of course throwing a party, but actually making it a HUGE party/fundraiser/dinner is what I am not to sure about.
SO, if anyone out there can help me in ANY way, get thee word out to corporations, companies, EVERYONE... then, your help is much appreciated and needed.
PLEASE contact me at I am serious! :-)

This years auction has BIG written all over it. I already have a few big nice items for the auction, and I have a wonderful christian singer/songwriter coming in from California to sing and speak at the event this year. It is going to be {like} totally awesome!

so, LETS DO THIS PEOPLE..... Lets make this thing huge!

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