Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Is It! (No I'm not talking about Michael Jackson!)

Have any of you ever loved? I mean, deep love. Never-ending love. The kind of love that makes you ache, or want to scream it from the mountains.
I am sure that you all have at some point in your life, and you probably do now.

Have any of you ever had a passion? It may be your work. It may be cars, or reading. Perhaps it is something like gardening or scrapbooking.

Put those two together; and think about it. You get that deep, passionate love – and you get to where I am. You’ll understand why I do this every year and why I am so persistent with it. Why my love for Denver has brought my passion to finding a cure for Neurofibromatosis. That little boy - that little monster...he is such an amazing part of anyone's life that he touches. His smile is contagious and his laugh can seriously light up a dark room. Anyone who sees him can see his obvious love for life.

A parent’s love for their child is like nothing else. It knows no law, no fear; it crushes anything that stands in its path to not only protect that child, but to ensure that child is safe, and healthy.

I will do this for Denver - every year until there is a cure. If I am doing it when I am 90 years old – so be it! Let’s hope for a cure WAY before then!

Jason and I not only do this for Denver but for everyone in my family affected with this puzzling disease. Our motivation and our love for family, and YOUR love and prayers for us is what will help us finish in the end - without crawling there! We leave for San Antonio tomorrow and we run this Sunday the 15th. Keep us in your prayers!!

Currently we are at about 80% of our goal. Now don't get me wrong, that is incredible, and I am in awe of the love poured out by everyone, but it is SOOOO close to our goal!!! How awesome would that be?! I know it’s a high goal, but how AMAZING would it be to surpass it? We are almost there, but still need that last little push!(

On a serious note, your help will make a difference this year. Researchers are making huge strides, Federal funding has been cut, and we need to fill in the gaps to keep the ball moving in the right direction to find a cure for this disease.

Please prayerfully consider donating to such a great foundation. You can make a donation in honor or memory of loved ones. All donations are tax deductible and really do go to a great cause! There is still a few days left! The link and information is below. If you have not seen the webpage, at least check it out and watch the video to learn a little more about NF and The Children's Tumor Foundation.

With all my Love,


Check Out Team Denver!

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