Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look For It!

Today I ran for the first time in about 2 weeks. With the combination of my new "art" on my foot and me ramming my pinky toe into my coffee tabe - my left foot was in bad shape. I thought for a little while that I broke my toe, but it turned out it was just bruised pretty bad. It still hurts a little, but not bad enough to keep me from running!
It was hard to get started again. The weather was GREAT, but boy oh boy...I was tired. It could be the fact that I decided to run Browns Mountain today, and was about out of breathe after mile 1...but I did my best, and thats all I can do. Plus I had Chapps Burgers on my mind and was hungry too!

The picture above is our TEAM DENVER logo. It will be on the back of the T-Shirts that you will soon be seeing running around Burleson. Up and down Renfro, Alsbury, Summercrest... Everywhere! Look for it, and if you see it...HONK!! We'll know it is you..or some kid who just likes to honk at people. (like I once was.)

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