Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Denver

We went to see the neurologists last week. I called on Monday for a cancellation and they had something the next day. I took it regardless of what plans I had. I was very nervous about going - and hearing what the Dr. had to say, but our God is so good. The Dr. first of all was fantastic. (Shout out to Dr. McGlothlin at Cooks Children's) He was so nice, and answered all our questions. He even took us into his office to show us Denver's actual MRI. His words put us at ease and he told us Denver's case of NF was pretty mild at the time. He compared Denver's MRI to another case that was not so mild. I know this may sound bad - but I was so greatful Denver's MRI was not like the other one.

He did tell us that Denver has a Plexiform Neurofibroma (a gorwing benign tumor) on his head. (the bump that has been in question)- but the good news there is it is outside his cranium. Not touching his brain - and not affecting him other than being (very) sensitive to a hit, or even a light touch.

We are going to see the surgeon tomorrow to discuss our options of getting it removed. It is a little releaving, but also the surgery makes me SO SO VERY nervous. Prayers are much appreciated!
I know that God is totally in control and he is so good to us - and so good to Denver. Denver deserves so much in life and that is why we continue to do this every year. We strive to find a cure for NF one day.

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Sandy said...

After Addie's surgery in 2006, she became paralyzed & Dr. Mc was one of her docs. We LOVED him! She was only paralyzed for a short time & has very minimal side effects from it. Who will be Denver's surgeon? Dr. Miller was ours &, once again, we LOVED him! :)

I will be praying for Denver & you!

Sandy Dean