Thursday, September 17, 2009


Jason and i have ordered our new shoes for the TEAM DENVER MARATHON!! I am quite excited about them!!
We customized them on Nike ID and they seriously ROCK!!! Check them out!
Notice they say "TEAM DENVER" on them!! They are CTF colors, and of course have the BRIGHT YELLOW on them too!! This on above is my design and the one below is Jason's shoe!! They somewhat match!!

Aren't they GREAT!!!???
We are also making T-shirt for TEAM DENVER!! If you thitnk you would like one let me know. We will be ordering soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Katy! Love the shoes! I'm thinkin I need a TEAM DENVER shirt. :) Let me know how much and I'll get it to you. :)

Chelsey said...

That is so cool!! GO TEAM DENVER!!

Lauren @ When Happiness Finds You said...

Ali and I will both want shirts. Love the shoes!