Monday, September 7, 2009


Lauren posted a blog about the necklaces she is making for NF.
After reading it, and drying my eyes... I had to thank her. Not only for making these necklaces, and putting the word out about NF - but for having such a kind heart. She and her business partner, Alison have had such humility in making these it just touches my tender heart to the core. Lauren sent me this message back after I commented on her blog....

"Alison was the one who stirred it all up. She was getting the one ready that said "taylor" like her daughter - and was thanking God under her breath that she wasn't making it for her Taylor. She said she started crying, and had to stop working. The parents of the kids who are trying to "save" their eyeballs is some emotionally rough stuff. It makes this totally different. It makes it important."

I thought to myself for a slight second... "I wish that was me saying THAT under MY breathe"

Then I stopped myself. I took that back, I took it back beacuse it makes him who he is. In a sort I felt guilty for thinking that.... This journey is teaching me so much about strength and love - and it will teach Denver so much about himself in his future.

Thats why we run.

I am so desperate to find a cure for him. So desperate as though I wanted to go to "scientist school" and become a researcher for CTF...because I CAN! So desperate I would go to the ends of the earth and BEG for money to give to CTF if it means we are one step closer.
So desperate I weep for a cure.

One day we will get there - until then I run.


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