Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Time....

Well, It is Friday...the 11th. The day we leave for Phoenix. I can not believe how quickly it got here. It seems like 5 months ago when we started this, that this day would never come...but here we are. We leave for the airport in about 2 hours, then there is no turning back. I am filled with so many emotions. I am a little scared. Anxious. Nervous. Excited. I am proud taht we are actually doing this too!
One thing that will help us get through this race is my cousin Kevin - he is 38 years old. He has two precious little girls. One will be two in February, and the other is four. Last summer he was diagnosed with cancer. It started with two tumors as a result of NF. They thought all was well, and he would be fine. In October, the cancer returned, but they were still positive. Over the Christmas holidays, they told him there is nothing else they could do for him. The cancer had spread too far. He has now been placed on hospice. So, it gives Jason and me a little extra push in running in the marathon. It is Neurofibromatosis that caused his cancer. Of course, we would love to see a miracle happen and Kevin's body healed, but if that is not God's will, please pray for him and his family for strength and courage as they face the days ahead.
Also, keep us in your prayers as we near the end of our "marathon journey!"

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Anonymous said...

Love you! Will be praying for your cousin and his family.

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