Friday, December 28, 2007


Now that the holidays are almost all behind us, it is time for Jason and me to focus 100% on the training. I mean really focus. We now have no excuses to not run! It really is unbelievable that the marathon and half marathon is so close. We are getting all of our final instructions for hotel and the race in the mail and it is starting to sink in that yes, we really do have to run for 4 hours strait. Wow, that stinks. – Ok, it does not stink that much, especially with the thought of after we do run for 4 hours strait, we never have to run again if we don’t want to. But then there is the thought of Next year…do we want to do this again……that is to be continued. Maybe we can just contribute to The Children’s Tumor Foundation!

If you have not seen our donation page, you should really check it out! We are almost at $5000.00 WHOA! There are so many generous people out there. People we know, and people we don’t know. Jason’s boss has a great heart. She asked for her friends to donate to our foundation for her birthday! Wow, that is amazing, isn’t it. We need more people like her in the world! A special SHOUT OUT to Beth! Thanks!!

I will try my best to keep updates coming as the day gets closer; in the meantime wish us luck!!


emily said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas-- can I say that I am so impressed that you guys have stuck with this!! I will certainly be praying for you:)

Anonymous said...

That is just AWESOME Katybear!!! Love you! See you this wkend!