Sunday, July 1, 2007


I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old I was out of school one day and to young to stay home alone. I ended up staying with my dad at work...FBC Burleson. Now for an 8 year old, a big-ol-church could be a fun thing or a really boring thing. I decided to go exploring and just walked around for a while.
I came upon our chapel. It is a small one, probably doesn't even hold 100 people. But Even though this was almost 20 years ago I remember like it was yesterday. I walked into the chapel thinking it would be empty, but to my surprise there was a man there. I jumped back, because it was dark and I did not want to be in a dark room with a stranger, but I continued to watch him. He was an older man...well not old, but in his 40s I would say and his back was to the door. He was on his knees; bowing at the stained glass cross. His hands were over his face and it seemed like he was crying. This man was so humble. He was praying in the middle of the day at a stained glass cross of Jesus. He took the time out of his busy schedule to go inside of a church, bow on his knees and pray to God. I dont know if there was something going on in his life where he felt he was lost and had nowhere else to go, but whatever it was, he went to God. My guess is the outcome was great.
I don't know why 20 years later I remember that man. I thought of him this morning while at church. I don't know what made me remember that, but it made me think I sure do not take time out of my day enough. Take time and just plain throw myself at Gods feet in humility and beg for forgiveness, for love, for hunger...for HIM.
Makes me wonder why I remember such a small minute thing. Maybe just to keep me always humble, maybe when i am down and out and think of that day to remind me to turn to Jesus instead of material things, or people.

On another note...Denver is a walkin fool!!! He thinks he can run now and falls on his face, but gets right back up!! A few pictures for your viewing pleasure!




Anonymous said...

Ok...wondering why none of our awesome Winter Park pics got posted... :) YOu should dig em out of the files! Oh, how I wish I were going with you back to the fresh air and one screen movie theatre. Life is so much easier there!!! I will miss you! I will come see you tomorrow..have a blast!
Love you

Misty said...

that was a touching memory of the man praying at your church Katy. Brought tears even! Thanks for sharing. I cannot say enough how thankful I have you in my life as my sister in Christ! I love you. and by the way, as soon as i have something interesting to post i will post new stuff! I need some new pics. prolly after some showers (coming soon!) i will have new, fun ones!! have a great time in Colorado!